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Help with Emerson Preservation  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2018 05:38 am
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Andrew Freeman

Joined: Mon Nov 14th, 2011
This is my first Emerson I have tackled to restore. My goal is to get a professional restoration in the future but I thought I would give if a try and get it safely running and enjoy for a little while, soooooo ......... I got a few questions and issues for the Emerson 24666 I have come up with during this process.  I appreciate any help I can get.
1. Fortunately the fan was packed and shipped correctly and the blade and cage were removed and packed separately.  I can not get the blade back on.  I screw the blade/hub in the roter without an issue - this includes lining up the oscillator shaft in the groove in the hub. I then insert the worm gear in the gear box and line it up correctly and as I push the gear cover onto the back of the fan, there is about an 1/8 inch gap - it is like the oscillator shaft is TOO LONG, but I know its not b/c the fan supposedly worked fine before shipped.  I am able to barely screw the brass hub nut onto the center roter shaft (the brass nut is very lose and is only on the threads a turn or two) and get everything to fit good and every thing works, the hub is screwed flush tight on the roter and it turns great, the oscillator gears turn and the gearbox is flush BUT after about twenty min of the fan blade turning the blades stop turning.  After I disassemble everything -  I find that the brass hub nut (which was barely screwed on and NOT tight) has "unscrewed" itself and causes the hub/blade assembly to bind up and not turn.  If I screw the brass hut nut in until it is tight, then I get the 1/8 inch gap and nothing fits together.  What am I doing wrong??
2. Some of the washers and spacers were broken when I took everything apart.  I know it is important to have the exact number spacers and in the correct position.  Can anyone tell me how many spacers are supposed to go on the front of the oscillator shaft and how many go on the back of the oscillator shaft next to the rear bearings.  What are there sizes, how many go where and who do you know that I can order them from.. Same thing with the spacers in the gear box.  Some were broken in pieces were in the gear box housing.  Anybody know how many I need, were they go, what sizes i need and again, where to get them.
3. the oscillator parts were missing from this fan.  All I got is the gear shaft sticking out of the gear box housing.  I got all the gears but need to get all the other parts to the oscillator.  Since I don’t have one to compare, I’m not sure what I need.  Anyone know what parts I need to make oscillator function?? I'm assuming the gear that adjust the sweep of the fan, an arm and any screws of hardware to attach arm to fan neck.  Is this a piece that is interchangeable with another fan model???
Thanks so much, a lot of questions for my first Emerson restore

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 Posted: Tue Apr 17th, 2018 01:45 am
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Steve Stephens
AFCA Member

Joined: Mon Nov 14th, 2005
Location: San Anselmo, California USA
Instead of looking for parts to complete your gearbox why not buy a used complete gearbox?   They are all very similar at the period the 24xxx were made with, maybe, the oscillator shaft, being a different length.  The nut you said was on only a few threads should be TIGHT and fully threaded on.

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