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Need information on Dr Max Levy fan  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Dec 11th, 2019 11:11 am
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Pete Moulds
AFCA Member

Joined: Sat Feb 25th, 2006
Location: Bumi Serpong Damai, Jakarta, Indonesia
Does anyone have information on the size on the original cage of the middle machined ring and attached logo on the 16" Dr. Max Levy fan?
The only pictures I can find of a 16" max levy with a cage has a made-up cage which is nothing like the 10" and 12" models of the same fan.
It seems pretty certain that the cage will be very similarly but larger version of the 10" and 12"cages.

The problem is that I have not been able to find an image of the 16" cage. Can anyone help? The only other 16" I found was sold on ebay in 2017 and had badly mangled blades and no cage.

 GE around this period kept the central logo on the 13" cages the same for their 17" cages.
The drawings for the 16" cage with the same logo looks a little bit lost.

This is the proposed cage drawing which jan Henrik will create the cage from but the logo looks a bit lost.

The fan itself is not far off being complete.

So if anyone can help with information it will be very much appreciated. Thank you

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 Posted: Sun Dec 29th, 2019 01:21 am
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Pete Moulds
AFCA Member

Joined: Sat Feb 25th, 2006
Location: Bumi Serpong Damai, Jakarta, Indonesia
"Patience is a virtue", they say. Got talking this problem over with Jan Hendriks from the Melbourne area in Australia.

In my stump collection I have a few complete fans in pretty good condition and one is a 14" Obeta fan from Germany of around the same vintage. This one has a blade and a cage. The cage is of exactly the same design as Max Levy fans with the double ring, both being penetrated by the spokes and a simple turned central cage ring and with all the joints lightly soldered.

Even the three simple straight struts are the same.

Checking on the history of Obeta, it is clear that they were assembled by an electrical retailer:

"The brand name Obeta stands for Oskar Böttcher Electric Technical Article.

Oskar Böttcher KG was founded in 1901 by the factory owner Oskar Böttcher and his son-in-law, the Freiberg banker Richard Helbig. At that time the company was based in Berlin . In 1911, the company participated for the first time as an exhibitor at the Leipziger Messe . Many products were assembled by Oskar Böttcher KG or made to order. During this time, today's Obeta brand name was created."

It occurs to me that the cages are absolutely identical in design to those produced by Max Levy and they were probably made by Max Levy for Oskar. Here then was the vital clue. The 'lost' Max Levy 16" fan cage was 1" wider in radius and was likely of the same design.
Max was conservative in his fan model range. After the 10" fan, all larger fans with the fluted base are exactly the same size and he increases their height to accommodate wider blades by simple adding a small additional cast iron collar which sits on top of the base and is held in place by the bolts joining it to the motor.
My 16" fan is missing this casting but I know the dimensions and am having one made (currently the fan is fitted with a brass collar which I guessed at, wrongly in retrospect).

So the 16" Max Levy very likely had the same design cage with a double ring and 8 spokes and based on Max's "one-size-fits-all" had a 45mm diameter central turned ring.
There was quite a lot of discussion with Jan as to the wire thickness and the size of the central ring and lots of drawings were made and we had to make a decision. The fear was that the cage would swamp the central badge.

Finally we settled on the 45mm cage centre ring and retained the same wire diameter based on Max's apparent philosophy.
Well Jan Hendriks has produced what I consider is a masterpiece.

I cannot do better than quote Jan:

" 4 mm cage rings ,2.5 spokes ..was a very fragile cage to put together but seems firm enough now all is soldered.. Bu**er to make ..😁..lining up the spokes on a 10" were hard enough . 8 spokes tested me  ..but I happy with the results 
420 outside diameter ..70 mm deep,.the large curve on the S wire, Pete is a bit larger than the drawing …….."

The lightness of the cage and its delicate nature relying on the lightly soldered joints may well explain why to this day nobody has seen one of them in the flesh (or brass). I have convinced myself we have got very close if not exactly on the button to the original 16" Max Levy cage.

Beautiful but not bullet proof. A huge thank you Jan Hendriks.

Last edited on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 01:24 am by Pete Moulds

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