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Emerson 28646 speed coil question.  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Nov 27th, 2017 04:46 pm
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Nathan Porter

Joined: Mon Nov 27th, 2017
Location: USA
Hey guys!
So recently I've been working on a couple fans.  One of these fans was given to me as a birthday gift from a friend's father. It's an old Emerson that he's had for years he bought an estate sell a while back. It hasn't ran since he's owned it, and he bought it knowing it did it run. It didn'. Even have a power cord. Just about 4 inches of wire sticking out where there should be some. He let me have it, and let me fix it up.

So, the fan is a 28646. Basically a 29646, minus the oscilator. I've been able to polish the paint, get the brass to show on a few pieces, and redo the wires. Unfortunately, I had a few wiring issues.  The first issue was that I wouldn't start without being pushed with my finger. Not much of a push,  a very gentle one. This is because the speed coils  wiring wasn't connected. So I reconnect it and all was well. I should also mention, this is before I installed the new wiring. So, it was connected and it was running well. I was just waiting to get time to install the new wires between the speed control and stator.

Before I installed the wires, I wanted to show my girlfriend that I got it up and running again. I started it up, and looked at her with excitement. But, she only look back in fear. I turned around quickly to see the bottom of my fan bellowing out Green Smoke that floated above the coffee table I was working on. I unplugged it and carrot it outside to be safe.

After finding out it was a speed coil, I set up the wiring so the speed call wouldn't have a current running through it. As of right now, I have it set up to where I have to turn it with my finger, turn it on, and it runs like nothing ever happened. The Stators wires don't get hot, there's no sparks, no smoke, and no struggle. I don't have an ohms reader, but would like to get one. Is it anything to worry about? I don't feel any struggle or anything, but want to be safe. Like I said, I push it, and it runs exactly like it should.

Another issue is removing the blade. I know some people say to put a screw through the back the hold it and twist the fan blade, but this does nothing for me except bend the screw. I have done everything and used all my muscle to take off the blade. But nothing works. I wanted to go inside and clean it all up, make sure all the wiring was good and all the old oil and lube was removed. But for now, all I can do is just oil it up and hope for the best. So far that seems to be working. But, I still want to be on the safe side and see if I can get into it.

Any suggestions would be helpful!

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 Posted: Mon Nov 27th, 2017 09:27 pm
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Andrew Block
AFCA Member

Joined: Thu Jan 26th, 2006
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA
The speed coil on those fans operates in conjunction with the start winding and the fan will not start without it. I'm not sure how Emerson worked that magic, Tom Newcity would be your man to contact about a rebuilt coil.

The 28646 is rarer than its common 29646 cousin and definitely worth repairing.

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 Posted: Tue Nov 28th, 2017 12:13 am
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Lane Shirey
AFCA Member

Joined: Wed Apr 30th, 2014
Location: Downingtown, Pennsylvania USA
Try heating the blade hub with a heat gun, and use a grade 8 bolt so it doesn't bend. 

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 Posted: Thu Nov 30th, 2017 04:14 pm
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Craig Robbins
AFCA Member

Joined: Sun Sep 28th, 2014
Location: Newnan, Georgia USA
Tom Newcity sells rebuilt speed coils for your fan, he also sells Home made rotor locking tools that are outstanding. The blade is reverse threaded so you have to turn it clockwise to remove it.  I’m pretty sure 28646 is Pre-1950 (the Seabreeze is too). usually has the gearbox for the Seabreeze. 
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new toys!

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