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 Posted: Thu Jan 20th, 2011 03:49 pm
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Rob Duffy

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This is tough to choose. I like many eras, but if I were to have to pick them out, I would have to say the 1890's to the 1910's, as well as 1940 to the early 60's. I appreciate the construction and features of many vintage/antique appliances. The Tesla is a very fine example of true craftsmanship. 112 years old and still cranking away like new! As for the 50's, Vornado made some revolutionary air circulators, which were big for that time and still are today! They may not contain tough cast iron and gorgeous brass, but they were also made to be mass produced and many have stood the test of time in my opinion. You have to remember that many of these fans, especially the vintage ones from the 50's have gone for decades without service! There are people out there who still use their fan that they bought brand new in 1956. No new appliance could last that long. As for me, I appreciate all the eras. I just prefer the really old stuff. :P