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 Posted: Sat Jun 22nd, 2013 02:19 pm
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John Trier

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I saw an old film of assembly line production of sewing machines.  They were just dipped in a vat of paint on an assembly line.   Certainly fans were done the same way.  Millions of sewing machines, millions of fans, not efficient to paint any other way.   Our challenge is to reproduce the 100 year old patina, throw in a few chips in the paint and restore so no one can tell if it's been repainted or not.  There is a real market for this, and an open door for someone's creative juices to flow.   I have a nicely repainted early emerson that I have no interest in.   Seems like collectors are split 50/50 on repaint vs. original paint.  With fans that must be repainted, this seems like a worthy project.