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 Posted: Mon Oct 10th, 2016 02:06 pm
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Stan Adams

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Charlie I never knew them to rebadge anything. They originally subbed their motors out, but were making some of their own in later years. If it has the stick on badge, that was one of their later fans as the earlier ones were an aluminum badge. They were made at a factory in Houston I was able to tour when I was 10. They were in operation until the early 80s. They mainly made industrial applications. Every school in my hometown of Galena Park had Windmaker fans in every class. If I remember right, Phil turned the company over to his son Hershel in the early 50s. Hershel Rich was a Houston philanthropist & died in 2012
All of their fans say Phil Rich Fan Co, but Windmaker was their trade name.
Most of their fans including the small ones sat in a cradle, but had a unique mounting where they could be turned as well.

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