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 Posted: Wed Oct 19th, 2016 05:16 am
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Charlie Forster

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Chris and others,
here is a picture with the  end opened up and you can see the open gear box.
 The problem was someone pushed that nose cone on too far and I had to take some of the cage off and I used a file and put it against the nose cone and several whacks it came loose.
The other thing is that the hex in the plastic  oscillator arm is stripped and someone drilled it and put a paneling nail in to hold it and the screw on top of the gear was loose . so I think ill put some lock tight on the screw and get a new panel nail and put some red and tacky on the gears and bearings.I dont suppose Stan or anyone would have a new oscillator arm?
Otherwise it looks like a well made fan for the era!

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