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 Posted: Wed Dec 14th, 2016 12:16 pm
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Tom Dreesen

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Andrew Block wrote: That would be one of those acorn switches that are found usually on brass extensions on ceiling fans on either side of a light globe fitter. Or on a Westinghouse Gyro.

While I believe someone has tinkered with that fan at some point, it may have been from the dealer who sold it. Commonly, it seems that these fans were configured for whatever application they were purchased for at the time of sale. Dealers could and would add lights, switches of various types, etc. If it were me, I'd probably fabricate an ability to house a pullchain in the bottom of the fan, or find a replacement switch. The 3 speed ones are rare but not impossible to find.

Since many people use a wall control to get better (slower) speeds on these, I put an on/off snap switch in the nose for a period look.  On/off snap switches are relatively easy to find.  Just check that the diameter is correct as they come in many sizes.