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 Posted: Fri May 19th, 2017 05:31 pm
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Steve Rockwell wrote:          My present thinking is: that Form L corresponds to the Sidewinder oscillator, Form M to the Kidney, Form N-- still working on it whether kidney? or likelier first round-back?, Form O- I suspect was never used to avoid misreading, Form P Roundback, Form Q Collar oscillator, RSTVW the better-known final design oscillator. Of course, there were stationary types, also given Form designations consistent with model year of production, and of course there are those pesky numbers attached to the letters, to create a myriad of possibilities, and the only thing I'm comfortable now concluding about alpha-numerics now is that those ending with 3 seems to pertain to residence fans.
Steve, I am pretty sure that the GE Form letters pertain to a YEAR and not a model so any fan made in the same year would have the same Form letter.   I think I have seen a few inconsistencies here and there.