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 Posted: Fri May 19th, 2017 07:14 pm
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Steve Rockwell

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   I think I have to disagree about Form=Year. This excerpt is from your 1923 Supply Parts Bulletin:

   I'm thinking Form equals version, meaning essentially Year/Design, the way it's written in the parts literature. If Form equals year, of the three choices above I would have to opt for 1913, 1914 being clearly identified with Form Q, and 1915 with Form R. And if it's the same design, why give a new Form letter anyway? Form V seemingly spans a couple of years, Forms RST also do not clearly follow year assignations. Without changes to the oscillator mechanism in the stationary fans, no new design, no need for new letter.

   Notice the round-back cast in the motor cap... which I think is a defining characteristic of Form "P" oscillating fans. I agree there is a rough equivalence to year, but plainly not absolute consistency which would have been tempered by the early introduction of a next year model, or late production of a prior year to use up parts, which might help to explain some of the anomalies... such as a Form "S" with earlier serial numbers than the majority of Form "R"s...  There's more to say, but I'm pressed for time right now...