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 Posted: Fri Sep 29th, 2017 04:01 am
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Don Tener wrote: David Allen wrote: Well... if I don't accidentally remove arms or legs with it, I plan to use a more normal-size motor and make a workshop fan out of it to sell to someone who can use it. :P

It was in danger of being scrapped and I hardly paid anything for it so I had nothing to lose. :P

What voltage motor is on it? Couldn't you just put a variac on it to slow it down and that way who ever has it could still kick it up to super high for fun!

Hi Don.  It didn't have a motor. That motor is a 2HP 3-phase 480V motor running on a Allen-Bradley VFD. It's a test motor I use for various things. I was running the motor at about 3000 RPM, with the belt ratio the fan was probably running 1500 RPM or so.