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 Posted: Fri Sep 29th, 2017 05:33 pm
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Tom Zapf


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Ok i have seen that type of fan before. i rode the train for almost 24 years and in the next town there is a place that builds the cement box that goes in a gravesite to keep the walls up for placing the casket. They have a tower of some sort that is open on the sides and it has a conveyor belt in it that runs the cement dust mix in it. This fan is in the wall and it pulls out what appears to be very abrasive dust and dirt from the manufacturing process, so my guess is originally it would have had a closed sealed motor.... anyway i recognized this fan right away . the company had it just running open for years, and then they put an aluminum attic fan shutter over it and the weight of the dust has bent the vanes.... this is an exhaust fan for dirty harsh environment. ...tom