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 Posted: Thu Dec 7th, 2017 06:05 pm
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David Allen wrote: Richard Daugird wrote: I have seen them on eBay for cheap, they look pretty cool. I wonder if a fan's operating speed could be controlled with one of these?
Richard, as John says, using any rheostat to "directly" control the motor is going to require a massive one.  Most of the slide ones I've seen on eBay are low power devices. They are made for signal control, such as audio levels.

While these can not directly control the fan's motor, you COULD use one of them to control a TRIAC or other solid state speed control device.... assuming your motor is compatible with it.

Earl Ballentine(Russell Electric Co.)  and Robert Devore(Fresh'nd-aire Co.) it appears used CENTRAL RADIO LABORATORY(CENTRALAB) radio related rheostats for speed control in their EARLY BALLENTINE MOTOR models 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, .......+? Central Radio Laboratory was incorporated and located in Milwaukee, WI. in 1922. The early 1920s  saw a huge boom in home radios.  Signal Electric Co. of Menominee jumped all over that one to help get them on the map after big daddio Henry Tideman took off to Cairo with over 2/3s of the Menominee concern.   

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