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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2018 01:37 am
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I used to have one just like the 2nd and third one in your picture except mine was electrically reversable and I had picked it from the recycling center near me and when I first picked it up I had to replace the cord (as someone at some point in time had replaced the original GE Cord with an old Electric drill cord) So thankfully I had an old junker GE Alarm clock radio that I was able to steal the cord from and I stuck it on the fan and the fan actually still worked until one day the motor was getting to the point that it wouldn't start on its own without a little push (I was assuming that it was because the bearings were dry or gummy but I didn't see anyway to oil the bearings on the fan let alone take the fan motor apart to service the bearings so basically I had to junk the fan out because it no longer worked properly and that was before I found this website so I wasn't able to fix the darn thing sadly because it moved quite a bit of air and being a reversable fan was nice so that I could just stick it in a window in the summer and suck the hot muggy air out of the house to outside (my place I live in has AC but it doesn't make it to my side of the house because of how the morons who renovated the place decided to run the air vents which was horribly done).