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 Posted: Thu Apr 5th, 2018 09:32 pm
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Tom Morel

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Steve Stephens wrote: John Beard wrote: I’m going to place a bid. Even if the fan as a whole is unsalvageable, it may be good for parts should I run across one that is worth some effort. 
If you have room to store parts and want a collection of parts or parts fan that's fine.  Most want to end up with a collection of good or better condition of fans that are well made and run or can be made to run well.   Or some like the challenge of a hard to do restoration.  If you are newer at fan collecting you will end up with many good fans in a few years and may look back and say "why the heck did I buy that piece of junk?"
I'd pass and spend my time and money looking for a good fan.

This is very true. I did the same thing John with other fans and now look around and see some junkers among the brass and brass, all crammed together. Best not to fall into that pit and it's usually cheaper just to buy good original fans. Whatever you do, enjoy the fans.