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 Posted: Fri Apr 6th, 2018 08:25 pm
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Alec Burns

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Jamie Williams wrote: John,

Look just to the right of the cage ring between 5 & 6 o'clock. See the brass crimps on the rings? That's the tell-tell that the cage is brass. No doubt, there are a metric crap-tonne of 9 & 10 inch Centuries for sale. Very few sport brass cages. A nice one of these will go for $300+. The cage should probably fetch $100 so if I were to give advice, I'd say this- Don't bet the farm, but don't let it sell for less than $100 either.

I've got a steel-caged AOU that has brass crimps on the cage ring. I think its more than likely a steel cage with brass crimps.

As for value, I bought a similar 10" Stationary for $60 when I first started out. Took it home, and about 1/4 of the motor housing crumpled off as soon as I touched it. They're cool looking fans, but I wouldn't want to be worried about it falling to pieces every time I picked it up or moved it. I recently passed on a later 12" Century at $35 for the same reason. I personally, if the fan is in great shape, wouldn't pay more than $75. If it is in any less condition, I wouldn't pay more than $25. I think if you were able to fully restore it, granted expect to spend tens of hours working on it, it could get $175-$200 on here, maybe $300-350 to the public with the money. Good luck. It is definitely worth it if you can get it for real cheap!