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 Posted: Thu Apr 12th, 2018 02:15 am
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Steve Butler

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My friends son needs something for his 4-H Americana project. They research an item, clean or restore it, and make a display. I told him we would raid the mini barn and find something. We picked the 32v. Delco Light. It should make a nice history about the early electrification of rural America. The paper label is still in tact and says 1916. I want to make sure everything he’s displays is correct. It’s a two star with brass cage but has a painted steel blade. I assume someone took the brass blade off at some time? The GE info shows two stars 16-18 bb bc. Should I rob a bb from another fan to put on this one?  Thanks in advance. Sorry for wasting time. I re-read the GE info and it says they used steel blades at that time to cut down on brass use. :hammer: I need to pay more attention.  

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