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 Posted: Mon Apr 16th, 2018 04:34 am
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Darrell Koller


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I've been working on a 5310 Trojan.  This fan did not work when I got it. I replaced the stator with one that had been rewound.  I also disassembled and cleaned the centrifugal switch. The plates were cleaned and after reassembly it looked and worked like new.  I also shined up the male contacts which only show a very slight wear groove.  
After reassembly, the centrifugal switch seems to have a "flat spot" of about a quarter turn where the motor will not start on its own.  Thinking that perhaps the springs where too weak, I replaced them with a new set that I bought from Chad.  Still no joy.  I can hear the distinctive rattle of the switch until it disengages on startup and I again on shut down, so I know it's engaging and disengaging properly.  The "flat spot" is always in the same place rotationally, so I'm assuming that the switch plates are not making contact properly when in that area of the rotation.

Odd thing is that the motor almost acts like it want to start rotating in the wrong direction when attempting to start within the "flat spot"  Could the problem not be the centrifugal switch and actually be a badly wound start coil?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to adjust a centrifugal switch?