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 Posted: Tue Apr 17th, 2018 01:32 am
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Darrell Koller


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Matthew Albach wrote: Hi Darrell,
Do you have any pictures of the socket.that
Centrifugal start blades makes contact with it’s very possible
That the socket has worn down to a certain amount to cause
This perhaps to fix the grooves on the socket. That’s not making
Contact .
Hey Matthew,
No, I don't have any pics before I installed it and I'm really trying to avoid pulling the stator again.  But, the groove was quite minimal.  It actually is one of the least worn centrifugal switches that I've seen.  I just spent another hour disassembling the rotor part of the switch and putting it back together.  I thought maybe I had flipped the plates, so I did a comparison between to two, thinking that maybe they would be worn asymmetrically, and perhaps that was the issue.  But they look so close to perfectly symmetric that I can't believe that would cause the problem.  Anyway, I made sure that I flipped them before reassembly, but it made no difference.


If I wind up pulling the stator, I'll take some pictures of the male part of the switch.

Thanks for the suggestion.