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 Posted: Tue Apr 17th, 2018 12:36 am
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Chris A. Campbell wrote: I had the same issue with a 11644. The dead spot would not allow to start up and required turning the blade to a spot that would allow centrifugal swith to get going. Just a hum and happened around 1 in 5 times when switched on

My issue was the sleve collar connected to housing where the switch plates engage was inwards on one side. Slightly bent it outwards by hand and that was enough to allow plate to make contact each time.
Hey Chris,
Thanks for the advice.  I took a look at the collar and the two halves look perfectly vertical and parallel to me. It also appears to be perfectly symmetric and round.  I'll take some pics after while.  I needed to step away from the thing before the rarity of this particular model increased by one.

I'm gonna keep tryin.