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 Posted: Tue Apr 17th, 2018 02:41 am
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Chris A. Campbell

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Something else you may try is to add a bunch of shims to shaft. Way more than needed one at a time temporarily just to position the plates on at a different location on the rear contact sleve. It will be out of its magnetic center but as a temporary set up will help locate a dead spot.

I also colored my back sleve and edges of plates with permanent marker looking for areas that did not rub off indicating my dead spot. Honestly it did not illustrate anything but may be worth a try

When I was fighting my 11644 I would also back off my 4 nuts and tap on a table top to bring strator forward rather than completely remove. I tried everything before stretching that back contat collar outwards very so slightly. Tight springs, slacked springs, small washers replaced with deltron. Drove me nuts.

it is aggrivating but you will figure it out.

My stator was also rewound but never tried to spin backwards. On the dead spot it would just hum and moving blades less than an inch took off. The dead spot was so random that once I thought it was fixed the start mechanism would land again and would start over. Since your fan does start sometimes on its own I would not think it was the rewinding

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