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 Posted: Tue Apr 17th, 2018 04:33 am
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Just spent some more time with it.  I removed the collar assembly.  Fortunately I left the leads long enough that I was able to work with it without having to resolder them.  To eliminate the groove in the collar as the problem I carefully ground the surface flat all around the outside of the collar.  Like I said, the groove wasn't very deep.  Still no luck. 
The new springs are identical in length to the old ones.  The coil portion is longer, but the leads on the old springs were longer.  I will probably try to shorten the original springs next and see if that helps.

I'm getting really suspicious that I've got a stator that wasn't wound quite right.  Does anyone know how a motor might behave if one of the stator coils was wrapped the wrong direction?  Once this thing is running it seems to have a bit of a harmonic oscillation.  That may be due to a slightly imbalanced rotor.  The slight jump backward when attempting to start in the "flat spot" really makes me suspicious.  I wish I knew more about electric motors.  Physics 3 was a long long time ago.


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