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 Posted: Wed May 16th, 2018 01:22 am
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Greg John


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I love the powder too! 

I did not do the powder though. I took it to a custom motorcycle shop; Crush at metroplexkustoms in Arlington, Tx did the work. It wasn't cheap but not outragious for the quality,. Just a schose over 200. He did a "powder primer" zinc based IIRC before the gloss black. I've done rattle can jobs on other fansI have been happy with but for this one I wanted something more durable so I bit the bullet and had a pro powder it. I am hooked on powder now so I am slowly kitting up to do it myself. The boss lady wants a new oven so I have a powder oven coming, just need to save the nickels for the rest. 

I have a junk parts broke kidney to practice on before I try to tackle a keeper. Still debating in my brain on whether to do the tank I just picked up. No cage badge so I am not to concerned with keeping original...

Finding these fans in Texas is a challenge. I probably pay too much but.......