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 Posted: Tue May 29th, 2018 08:56 pm
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Duane Burright

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Those who know me know that I've had this fan for a while now. It's an uncommon 12" box fan with Signal's electrically reversible Stout-Heart motor, Breez-Diffuser grille and the Signal-stat Thermostatic Brain. I just love the way they marketed products in the 1950's! I've never seen a comparable fan with these features from any of Signal's competitors. This fan was made in 1955 according to the Serial number.

Anyway - here are some pictures. I'll get a video demonstration posted on YouTube soon as well.

The front with Breez-Diffuser -

The side -

The back -

The Signal badge, I like how the i is dotted with a lightning bolt -

The Comfort-Control Panel -

And the data tag-

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