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 Posted: Sat Jun 9th, 2018 07:58 pm
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Tim Marks


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Hi All-

I collect a lot of GE all brass fans and find that I'm always needing the bearing carriers. Early ones were made from brass but most are pot-metal and all GE Whiz fans have pot metal bearing carriers. Often the thread holes to mount them strip out or the mounting arms break off. 

I made some replacements from brass alloy 360 (free machining brass) which are direct swap ins for the originals. They feature the same thread patterns for the retaining nuts, the original bearings will drop right in, and your oil cup will screw in. 

The rear carriers feature a shoulder to fit your bearing cap, the front carriers don't. I hope you enjoy them!!

$40/ea and I can discount in volume, just message me through my website.

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