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 Posted: Sat Jun 9th, 2018 10:11 pm
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Russ Huber

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Lucas Beshara wrote: Thanks for a look inside the infamous ball motor Russ!
Jandus(engineer Bernard Stowe) introduced a 12" DC only fan motor for the 01 season. 02 Jandus explodes on to the electrical trade with AC and DC 12", 15", and 16" desk fans. 

The Jandus AC ball motors were offered 02-08 fan motor seasons on desk solid frame.  Jandus 01-08 DC ball motors on solid frame and AB/Jandus 11-20 DC ball motors on desk with wire trunnion. 

The ball motors were virtually the same construction AC or DC with exception of how the motors were wired. AC wired for induction repulsion with 2 speed switch, lower speed gained through the motor.  DC had a 3 speed switch wired in series with medium and low speed gained through resistance wire.

Bernie got Jandus on the map with the gyro introduction in 03.  Jandus must have been more focused on the gyro component manufacture than motor manufacture. Bernie started cheating by wholesale purchase of brushless shaded start GE fan motors for his gyro in 06. By 09 Bernie dumped the brushed AC ball motors for the snap start GE split phase fan motors.