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 Posted: Sun Jun 10th, 2018 05:26 pm
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John Beard

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Jamie Williams wrote: Hey John,

As I mentioned previously, I've bought and sold a lot of these. Primarily because I had to buy a bunch of broken ones which were readily available, piece them together, and sell them in order to fund my fan habit when I started. I still have many parts, let me know if you need anything. Hopefully you don't.

Jamie... much appreciated! I have a Peerless that I’m about to start. From what everybody has told me, I’m going to want to feel good about my skills going into this one :D. I plan on documenting the project as I go. I’m pretty excited to get to it. I love a good challenge (even if it is a less than desirable fan). The monetary value of my collection doesn’t mean a thing to me. I collect because I love history and the electric fan is one of the greatest, most diverse and significant inventions in the history of ALL technology. The battle between AC vs DC/Tesla vs Edison is so obvious when simply looking at an electric fan. 
With all of that said, can you provide me with any information on this Century 311? I can’t find a whole lot of information. It is a nice little desk fan, runs like a top and has an amazing spin down time.