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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 01:50 pm
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Chris A. Campbell

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Russ may be right on the rear brass shaft retainer becoming worn and oval shapped.

Does your shaft rod fit within an opening on rear of gear box? If so may not be related the rear brass shaft nut.

I have run ino this a few times. One time was due to much clear on rear of moror housing which extended gear box and put tension on how worm gear engaged large gear. Another time it was having my large gear shimed by washers to low and the worm gear engagment was clicking along the edge of worm gear due to being centered.

Try removing your oscillator arm and see if you hear clicking. I am suggesting this because once had a fan with to many washers under the neck of the motor. This pushed my motor housing upwards creating tension from neck to oscillator which wanted to slow down the gears faster than the worm gear wanted to spin. This may not be the cause but removing set screw to check for tension is an easy first start

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