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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 01:59 pm
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Dan Foley

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Levi - That's actually what I was using, and overall the fan looks better than before.  Unfortunately some of the finish is just worn away, but that's honestly fine.  I mostly wanted to clean this thing up so it wasn't covered in greasy residue.  

Craig - Thanks for the link, I'll keep an eye on that!

Here is the fan as of right now, I still have some cleaning to do on the cage and the clips.  I also had some rubber mounts that fit perfectly into the motor housing, so I replaced the originals.  They were of course completely hardened and only amplified the motor's magnetic resonance.  Now it's extremely quiet and doesn't hum; only other problem is the speed indicator wheel likes to skip ahead, so I may need to try gluing it onto that little shaft from the switch.