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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 05:17 pm
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Russ Huber

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Michael Rathberger wrote:

My gearbox is one of the noisier I've ever encountered, eventually I'll have to take it all apart and try to figure out why.


Good luck with the neck, I still subscribe to the "if it ain't broke,l don't fix it" theory...

The good news is the gearbox noise is not factory.  :D  It appears I got lucky with that as well.  Mine is reasonably quiet.  If I replaced the old grease with new grease it would more than likely be better yet.

Replacing the pivot has nothing to do with your well known theory. :D  This fan is built like a brick #@$% house.  If restored it would make a great daily runner. To anchor the fan motor and oscillating linkage to a more hardy pivot in the likeness of the original would spare future tears when the original breaks under the pressure.  If one is going to set it on a shelf to collect dust and admire no need for a fix. :D  

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