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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 10:36 pm
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Steve Stephens

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The C-W runs just as well as most newer fans and my one older fan, this C&C, also runs superbly.  Too much invested to have it at risk with cats around but I would not hesitate running it often if I had a safe place to set it.
A local friend bought a C&C and, when I saw it running, I had to have one.  Not too long afterward one shows up on ebay less a fan (blade) and missing some other parts but, still, pretty nice original.   I made a deal with another fan club member to buy it from him if he won it which he did then made the fan and fixed other problems.

My friend brought his C&C over to my place so we could compare and have some fan fun.

Another photo of my Crocker Wheeler as posted in a post just above.   The fan is all new as are the fans on the two C&C "fan outfits" above.   In those days the "FAN" was what we call the blade and what we now call a fan was a "Fan Outfit".All are DC; the C&C is 100 volts, the C-W is 115, the Edison is 4-6 volts.   I run all using a Variac and a bridge rectifier.

My only Edison which I bought from the Meekers at the Alameda Flea Market.   Had I gotten to their booth 5 minutes later it would have been bought by a man who came right after I did.  Lucky timing and a nice fan that I now have running.

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