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 Posted: Tue Jun 12th, 2018 01:28 am
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Lucas Beshara

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The reason I’m thinking it’s gearbox chatter is a few things. With the car docs stethoscope that’s where the sound is coming from. Oil does nothing for the chatter. But neither does a new gearbox and fiber washers floating the gears with little to no play. They aren’t bottoming out either. And it only does it on the left oscillation sweep. Both fans with the exact same issue. I’ve elected the help of another member to upload a video as sometimes hearing it may spark a memory and hopefully it will. Same fan and exact same problem with both and I’ve been through both with new gearboxes and worm shafts changed out. Same result of no change. The rotor is really nice and tight on both fans with no sign of excessive wear. And no chatter when not oscillating. Just weird