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 Posted: Tue Jun 12th, 2018 01:51 am
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Russ Huber

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Lucas Beshara wrote: The rotor is really nice and tight on both fans with no sign of excessive wear. And no chatter when not oscillating. Just weird
The rotor on the Emerson 1510 I was restoring was nice and tight and chattered off and on.  I would not of had a clue of any excessive play if the tool & die instructor had not miked the rear rotor bearing diameter and recommend a sleeve.

When your fan is on the back swing of oscillation …...the pressure is on. Why the chatter on one back swing and not the other, h ell if I know.  :D  I am not saying shaft and rotor bearing tolerance is the issue.  I am just saying don't sweep it under the rug. In past I have swapped out same type rotors and shafts to stop chatter.