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 Posted: Tue Jun 12th, 2018 02:15 pm
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Levi Mevis wrote: I tried those on the bottom of my westinghouse and the screws that hold the bottom cover in place still end up scratching the wood surfaces because the screw heads are taller than the felt pads are...  :XHere is a solution for a non-scratch felt disk to place under your fans.   The main problem is that you have to have them custom cut and, if you want, dye them yourself which is what I did several years ago.   I got the felt if I remember right from Southerland Felt.   They have a large selection including grades or hardness of felt.   I do notice some quieting of vibration but not a great deal.   I had them cut from 3/8" thick felt and chose 8-1/2" diameter as the best size to fit and look good under the most fans I have.  There is a hefty setup charge for each diameter which works ok if you have a lot of pads cut.    I think I ended up having about $12 in each pad which would be much less in greater numbers.

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