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 Posted: Tue Jun 12th, 2018 11:34 pm
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Lane Shirey

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Just a bit of history, ( and I’m no historian for sure) but there were many reasons that companies both brand labeled, AND  others had companies brand label FOR them. 

Take today’s example, Sears. They never made a single appliance, power tool, or lawn care item. EVERY item was brand labeled for them. They were the brand. Kenmore, Craftsman, etc. 

But the stuff was made by Whirlpool, Black and Decker, MTD lawn equipment etc. Why? Because Sears was only a retail store, not unlike Graybar, Western Electric ( BTW Graybar was the major distributor for Western Electric telecom equipment) . Graybar had no intention of gearing up to make motors and fans yet they wanted to be able to offer them in their product lineup. 

Conveniently, many times these brand label relationships were made during a time when the manufacturers ( R&M , Westinghouse, GE) had excess capacity, like during the early days of Electric, wartime, and during the depression. Sometimes it coincided with the expansion of a manufacturing plant, like R&M. 

Westinghouse sold and brand labeled fans in the teens to R&M, Dayton, Shedd, Western Electric/Hawthorne to survive. The company was not doing well financially AND had excess capacity, so therefore the relationships. 

Yes, a few beers and I rambled on, but hopefully it was a useful rant.