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 Posted: Wed Jun 13th, 2018 12:58 am
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Lucas Beshara

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Woohoo. I found the problem. And DIN DING DING!!  Russ is the winner!  Both the rotors are wore on the backside. 
Now for the sign that is the issue so no other happy fanners have to suffer. First is that it wouldn’t do it right away. It needed to heat up (expand) before it became noticeable. And when it did it was very noticeable. But only on the left hand sweep for these little guys. Still gets me but both exact same

Next is the method to test...  hang the rotor off the front of the bearing and check for play. There won’t be any play with it fully engaged.  This also threw me in other directions. This could also save you some heartache before reassembly or identifying the problem during disassembly. Simply lifting on the blade won’t show any sign of a problem. 

I guess I’ll be sleeving some rotors in the near future. I used a jr rotor to test and  it had no play hanging it off the front of the bearing, and now no chattering...

Thanks so much for keeping me on that path Russ!  I have a quiet 29645 for the first time in a year