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 Posted: Thu Jun 14th, 2018 10:33 am
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NM Whitney Jr.

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My daily runners:

Emmy 71666 in the den.
Emmy Jubilee in the kitchen.
R&M 10" double diamond and Westy Vader 16" in the living room.
14" Freshy, Hunter Type 12 and Westy Lively Aire on nightly duty in bedrooms.

We keep our thermostat on 75-76 during the summers and run the heck out of these fans.

Seems like this would be a good idea for a "group buy"...  I'd buy 5 or 6!

Steve Stephens wrote:Here is a solution for a non-scratch felt disk to place under your fans.   The main problem is that you have to have them custom cut and, if you want, dye them yourself which is what I did several years ago.   I got the felt if I remember right from Southerland Felt.   They have a large selection including grades or hardness of felt.   I do notice some quieting of vibration but not a great deal.   I had them cut from 3/8" thick felt and chose 8-1/2" diameter as the best size to fit and look good under the most fans I have.  There is a hefty setup charge for each diameter which works ok if you have a lot of pads cut.    I think I ended up having about $12 in each pad which would be much less in greater numbers.

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