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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2018 09:40 pm
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Lucas Beshara

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Tom Newcity wrote: Lucas,
I’m anxious to hear how that works out.  Chatter gone?

This last one was wrot with issues. She had been rode hard and put away dry for many many years. So, the rotor sleeve stopped the rotor hop, the worst of the chatter. There was still slight chatter from the gearbox and I had a few tricks up my sleeve for that. The worm shaft was down a few thou where it rode in the hex bushing. The hex bushing was worse.  I had to press a new one on to get the proper clearance at the mating surface. Then turn down the end and make another bushing. 

The oscillator link was the worst I’ve seen and got a before pic of that also.  It has new bushings also. Now she is chatter free and runs whisper quiet and .35 amps on low. I had to do these bushings separately as each needed run in on high for several hours before the fan would start on its own:up: