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 Posted: Fri Aug 10th, 2018 06:34 am
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Mike Kearns

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Maybe red-oxide primer? Overspray residue? Levi Mevis wrote: Tom Morel wrote: Levi Mevis wrote: That is a second Generation GE Vortalex, it should be a broze colored body with tan colored blades but it appears someone spraybombed it at somepoint in time, they are really nice fans but a bear to fix the blades if they are bent.I don't think it's spraybombed, just dirty from use and the general wear and tear. The colors contrast and match too closely to other originals.
Tom, How do you explain all of the red coloring on the blades of the fan in the OP's picture? If its not been spraybombed then what kind of "dirt and debris" would make that fan's blades that deep red color if its not spray paint or some other kind of paint?