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 Posted: Thu Sep 6th, 2018 07:44 pm
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The spec number would signify what the fan is....Spec numbers weren't used much in 1899, with only a couple of fans in the survey having them.   There is a 3706 which is a UI form F4 in 104v 60 cycles CGE. Another is 3725, which is a UI form F4 115v 60 cycles. Spec numbers were used mostly on 1900 and 1901, with some carry over into 1902. The numbers would tell what the frame, size, voltage, and cycles were to a specific model.

Besides Steve's fan being form F, there is a K, and an E. Besides those three, the other 47 entries in the survey are either F4, F5,E7,G2, or A. I have inquired of the Ebay seller to check and see if the motor is a six pole or a four.

The form letter F and F9 are what is primarily seen in 1900, indicating the fan is a stickmount. A 1900 type UI form F9 in 104v/60c would be spec 12721.