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 Posted: Mon Oct 1st, 2018 03:55 am
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Jim Kovar wrote: Levi Mevis wrote: Yes, Cutler and Hammer is still around to this day, they still make electrical components like light switches breaker boxes, electrical boxes, etc.
C&H ?   :wondering:

Aren't they into the

sugar biz, too?   :P

Are you maybe thinking of Arm & Hammer? which if so, it would be baking soda, not sugar.

Also Apparently Cutler-Hammer was bought out by their competitor company Eaton in the 1970s of which Eaton had been around just as long as Cutler-Hammer had been at that point in time so quite literally they were competitors and Eaton bought out their competitor in order to try and make the market less competitive for themselves.
Odd part is that Eaton still uses the Cutler-Hammer name on some of their products that they make such as switches and breakers and what not, its just not being made by Cutler-Hammer themselves anymore.

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