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 Posted: Sat Oct 13th, 2018 02:57 am
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Russ Huber

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Jim Humphrey wrote: Russ, yep, I've used the half wave, or just cut the input voltage to the full wave, but I was wondering about an apparent difference in the speed of oscillation going right (fan right) versus going left.  I can't seem to get my mind around why there would be a difference, but it must be something in the angularity of the lever arms (including the stationary arm, I think).  Or maybe it's purely my imagination...Jim
I don't have one to study. How the Stauffer boys got away with pouring all that iron for decades on end, h ell if I know?  :wondering:

You aren't imagining anything.  I watched one of those geared boat anchors oscillating in hyper drive in the past.  I sucked at algerabra, triggeranaumatry, and geograpghicanomitry. So which one of them there physic applications is making the cast arm push the cast link insy outsy faster.... h ell if I know. :gears :tumbs