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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2018 04:41 pm
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Hi All, sorry I messed up the username requirements yesterday.

I bought a GE 75425 at an estate sale here in Seattle and am curious with regards to what on the fan is original and what someone might have ad-hoc replaced over the years.  Specifically the red parts on the front/back of the motor.  Here are some photos:

Images are right side up in the link, not sure why they flipped around while uploading to the post...

I was curious to know what era this is, how are you able to identify a manufacturers date?

The fan did not come with a guard, I ended up sourcing one off of ebay.  Whats the best way to strip paint and rust, a sand blaster, a wire wheel, hand sanding...  If I do use a blaster is soda or sand a better idea.  Any recommendations for paint?

With regards to the GE medallion, how do you achieve the two color look black/brass?

I noticed that the motor case screws are brass but the blades have a coat of silver paint, do you suspect the fan blades are steel?  If so is there a brass paint that looks authentic?  Or maybe ill leave it Steele.

The parts I mentioned earlier that are red, what are they meant to be?  Metal I assume, but steel or brass?  Where might I source those?

Thanks for the help!

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