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 Posted: Mon Nov 12th, 2018 01:31 pm
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Dave McManaman

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Eric Krispin wrote: Ok, so finding the missing parts I need are probably going to be cost prohibitive... But Im ok with it being a stationary fan, the 3-speeds work, and im cool admiring it for what is.

That being said, what should/do I need to do to keep it running.  I.E. preventative maintenance.
For me, it would be just to pull the oil cups, clean them out, replace the wicks, and add a good lightweight non detergent oil like zoom spout or 3 in 1 (blue can).  You could open it up and give it a good vacuuming too but if you do take lots of step by step pictures - especially if you’re like me and not very mechanically oriented. Add fresh oil each season (or more frequent if use it often) and it’ll probably outlast anything new that’s out there.  There are lots of other things you could but that’s what I’d start with. Good luck!