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 Posted: Fri Jan 25th, 2019 11:38 am
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John Trier

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None of us are saints, and will all buy a Peerless Spin Start for $50 in an antique shop if that's the price listed.  An auction setting is different. To safeguard against this, I'll communicate with the seller on my intent to bid high toward the end of an auction. You can always tell when a seller doesn't know what they have.  ]I'm responsible for 2 auctions being re-listed after the seller agreed to sell to someone who made an offer.   One was a junk fan that had a 6 wing Holtzer Cabot blade on it.   (Seller agreed to sell for $150 but in the end got about $2400) The 2nd was a microscope (seller agreed to sell for around $1250 then re-listed and the hammer was $9000).   I know of other examples where slick eBay'ers lie and slither their way into the sympathy of an unsuspecting seller.   I know a dealer who successfully bought a $15,000 item for $350.  That despite the pleas of other Ebayer's. 

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