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 Posted: Wed Mar 13th, 2019 05:03 pm
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Chris Pare

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 Sorry for the long post for a new member, I have been stalking the board for over a year and finally pulled the trigger on my first fan.
  • Most importantly, I know this is a GE Loop handle, but I am not sure the model and hoping someone can offer more history for me as I start the process it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Though the seller insisted the fan ran at the time they sold it, I am not going to plug it in with the current wiring mess, I purchased a rebuild kit from Vintage Wire & Supply to rewire the unit.
  • Based on prior threads, I plan to use the Lucas Red "n" Tacky #2 in the oscillator gearbox, if anyone has had a bad experience with this lithium based product separating let me know.
  • On other units it appears the gearbox is easily accessible by unscrewing the brass fitting on the top, and removing the screws - this one appears to have a pin in the brass fitting - will I need a punch to remove it, and a new pin to ensure a tight fit?
  • This unit has been repainted at least once, but they didn't remove the plates - now they are all gloss black - any guidance on if this can be recovered?  Do I need to remove the plate and replace the rivets?  I am not planning for a complete media bast & buffed blades rebuild, I want to respect it's age and character, but being able to read the plate would be a nice improvement if it's easily accomplished.
  • Anything other experience you can offer woudl be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!
Lots more pictures here

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