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 Posted: Thu Mar 14th, 2019 04:55 am
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Steve Stephens

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Chris Pare wrote: I was able to scratch the motor tag clean with my fingernail, I just needed some encouragement.
MO: 1200222
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Type: A0

Magnet does stick to the blades
Keep scratching with your fingernail to look for the FORM letter on the motor tag.   The letter will be an S, T or V.  During the WW1 period GE changed from a lot of brass to more steel; a steel cage replacing the brass cage, a brass plated or painted STEEL blade replacing the former brass blade (with some exceptions).   There were other changes also but I don't know them all.   There is a "look" to the steel blades of this period and your fans' blades have that look so is why I asked if a magnet stuck to the blade.