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 Posted: Thu Mar 14th, 2019 03:39 pm
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Pat Murphy


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I'm not sure I have all the parts, or the correct parts, for this fan: A Hunter Century C16, pre-1950.

After disassembly I noticed that I may be missing a small hex nut. As seen on the On/Off control, there apparently should be some sort of hex nut or bolt head to fit inside there. The 1/8" 32 tpi screw is all that it had. Would anyone know what I should have, and what the correct dimensions should be? Are the threads reversed?

A little more info: The knob and screw do not actuate the oscillation gears. That is either because the knob just spins around the screw, or because the last 2-3 threads are worn down too much to turn the gear. I am guessing that a hex head type of screw, inserted into the knob, and the pair threaded onto the gear may be needed???

I didn't attach a photo of the oscillation gear connection point since it is masked over for painting at the present. I was hoping to have this puzzle solved before the final clear coat step.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks, Pat

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