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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 02:57 pm
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Levi Mevis

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Michael Rathberger wrote: Levi Mevis wrote: ok, I was just curious as I've never dealt with Diehl fans before. Are there certain Diehl Fans I should look out for and ones I should avoid?

I can't answer that Levi, it's a broad question. Buy what you like, but try to buy complete fans is the point I was making in my answers. I've bought tons of incomplete early fans for parts when they're cheap, but I pass when they're not.


There are very valuable fans out there, you've been here a long time, you should be able to spot what they are by now. You could also invest in the Witt book, it's way outdated now, but will give you an indication. There's 10 people in your area that have been at it a long time, get to know them and get their guidance too, I did early with Fred Martenson (skinned me 10 times on trades) and John Simmerline, both knew what they were doing but have since passed.

Yes, I know and why I asked about this Diehl is because I've heard different people say different things about Diehl Fans as far as whether or not to buy them. As for knowing what fans are collectible and which ones aren't I'm still kind of unclear about that as there seems to be varying opinions about which fans are collectible and which aren't, and seeing as the ones that most people find the most collectible on here, the pre 1920s fans (or pre stamped steel fans) those don't come up very often near me unfortunately, and when they do, they are usually in horrible condition (rusty, excessive loss of paint, missing parts, etc.), so usually the fans I come across or people give me are fans from the 1920s-1970s, with exception to one fan in my collection which was kind of a fluke that I came across it.