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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 07:31 pm
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Pat Murphy


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I've asked a few questions about the oscillation on/off knob on my Hunter Century C16 and now realize that the knob could not be part of what has me puzzled.

The gear on the vertical on/off shaft appears to spin independently from it's center shaft, with a bit of resistance. While turning the on/off knob, to on or off, there is no stopping point in either direction, nor are there noticeable snaps or clicks to indicate that oscillation has been turned from on to off and visa versa. Any idea what should happen to indicate on versus off?

It appears that I need to remove the vertical gear and shaft that the On/off knob attaches to, so I can find out how the on/off knob actuates oscillation.

It appears obvious that the the umbrella at the bottom of of the gear/shaft needs to come off first, and then slide the shaft and gear out the top. Does anyone see a problem with that?

Well, the problem is that the umbrella oscillating wheel will not budge. I assume that it should merely slide off the bottom. I don't see any set screws, etc. that hold it on. Prying with a screwdriver hasn't done the job so far either.

Any info about how this oscillator works would be most appreciated.


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